Bulletproof Bars VanillaMax


Bulletproof Bars VanillaMax

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  1. How much Collagen is in each bar?


  1. Each bar contains about 9g of Collagen.

  2. Will the chocolate in the bar melt in the heat if it’s being shipped in the summer?


  3. How do these compare with other protein bars on the market?

    These bars provide protein from only collagen and nuts, no dairy, no grain, non-gmo. These bars provide quality fats that are supportive for ketogenic style dietary lifestyles.

  4. Can I blend with my coffee?


  5. Best time of day to eat?

    On an empty stomach

  6. Nutrition facts?

    See the image above. 

  7. Can I get half and half (chocolate and vanilla)

    Not at this time. 

  8. Are there samples available?


  9. Ideal before or after workout? 

    Yes. Ideal at any time of day

  10. What is chicory root fiber and why is it in your product?

    Chicory root is fiber. It contributes to your daily intake of fiber to support smooth digestion.

  11. What is the source of cashew butter? Should I not take this if I’m allergic to nuts?

    Cashew butter is all organic. Do not consume if you are allergic to nuts.

  12. What is inulin?

    Inulin is a prebiotic - an ingestible long-chain soluble fiber that your gut flora (the good bacteria you already have in your gut) can consume and ferment. You can think of prebiotic foods as high quality fuel for your gut bacteria. This good gut bacteria is responsible for helping to strengthen the bowel wall, improving mineral absorption, and supporting the regulation of hormone production. 

  13. Why I am experiencing slight indigestion when I eat the bar? 

    This may be caused from the prebiotic inulin. If prebiotics are not apart of your regular diet, you may experience stomach indigestion when first consuming Collagen Bars. This is a temporary side affect from feeding your gut flora, and should go away as your body adjusts. 

  14. Are the cashews tested for mold? 

    Yes, we only source our organic cashews from specific suppliers that care about quality and we test all of our products including our bars to meet stringent quality standards for mold and other performance-robbing substances.



  • Bulletproof® Diet and Lifestyle Approved 
  • Made with pasture-raised Upgraded Collagen Protein
  • Upgraded Collagen Protein supports health of body tissues such as skin, joints, and muscles
  • 12 grams of protein per bar
  • XCT and Brain Octane support low-carb dietary lifestyle and energy


  • 1 box of 12 Bulletproof® Bars