How to make Almond Milk

Homemade nut milks is very easy to make at home.  In this weeks blog we will show you a simple and easy Almond milk recipe.  All you need is a blender, something to strain it with and a few ingredients.    The almonds need to be soaked overnight. 

Homemade Almond Milk

½ cup raw almonds, soaked, drained and rinsed
700ml filtered water
Pinch of sea salt
1 dried date, soaked over night in water (optional sweeten)


  • Soak raw almonds in 1 ½ cups of filtered water overnight

The next day

  • Drain and rinse almonds
  • Place clean filtered water into the blender
  • Add almonds, sea salt and date
  • Blender for 3 – 5 mins
  • Place a nut bag or muslin cloth in a jug or jar, pour in almond milk and strain
  • Store in the refrigerator for 3-4 days

Come in and enjoy our freshly made almond milk in your favourite coffee


Australian Beef Bone Broth Concentrate - BEST OF THE BONE

A “living” liquid gelatine, 40% collagen protein, healthy fats made from certified Australian grass-fed and pasture raised Queensland beef.

Best of the Bone consists of 19 amino acids – highly concentrated – critical components for connective tissues, muscle and bone health. Proven to play a major role in gut health, bone and cell growth and in developing new tissue.


·         Arthritis & joint pain

·         Degenerative joint disease

·         Reversal of Osteoporosis

·         Gut health (inflammatory bowel disease, colitis, crohn’s and leaky gut)

·         Lowered immune function

Also proven to improve skin elasticity, reducing wrinkles and assist in weight loss!

FODMAPs Friendly/..Gaps Diet recommended../..Paleo Diet recommended

Available in two flavours plain or organic turmeric, ginger & black pepper

Each container serves up to 35 serves.

How is it different to the broth you make at home?

Homemade broth is usually made by simmering bones for more than 20hrs.

Best of the Bone broth is made using only the thigh bones of grass fed Australian cow’s

Thigh bones are said to contain the highest marrow content, so they are pulverised and then pressure cooked with no oxidation.

The bones become the gelatine, ensuring the highest mineral and richest marrow content.  It is then evaporated to remove any leftover water. Leaving a rich, gut-healthy golden gelatine.

Convenient, super easy to use plus it tastes great.

Simply place a tablespoon of Best of the Bone into your favourite coffee cup, add boiling water and stir well.  Sit back and enjoy this delicious highly nutritious drink. Easy peasy!

You can also add some vegetables for a quick easy soup.

Or add to your favourite mince recipes for extra flavour.

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